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Tahani Marie Lippl
Just wondering what others leave as a tip for mousekeeping? I'll be staying at GCH with my husband, 2 year old and 6 year old.
I leave $1.00 per person staying in the room each day. Then on the day we check out I leave $10.00.
Tahani Marie Lippl
Thank you! I never no what to tip and being homemaker I want to make sure I leave a proper thank you :)
Mickey Bound
I usually leave either 5.00 or if I have some ones I leave that.
I usually leave $3/ day and a $20 on my last day, if it was a stay longer than 3 nights
Mickey Bound
Problem doing it on last day is the person that has been cleaning your room the other days May be off so the money may go to a person that has not been cleaning the room all along
Senior Micky
Mickey Bound, I never thought of that, as we have always left a tip on our final day. thanks, I'll make a change for the next visit.

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