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Lamplight lounge brunch

Forums > Disney California Adventure > Lamplight lounge brunch
Pixie dust
Has anyone tried the brunch at lamplight lounge. Was it good. Any information would be great thank you
'Ello Poppet
I heard the chilaquelles ( can’t spell) are really yummy
Pixie dust
I have never had those what are they lol
Pixie dust....below is the menu: https://disneyland.disney.go.com/dining/disney-california-adventure/lamplight-lounge/menus/
Pixie dust
Thank you Minnie
Lauren McCarthy
We had an amazing brunch there on Sunday. The Chiliquelles (too lazy to look up spelling) were delicious! Sam was the floor manager, she made our experience so magical, we stopped at City Hall to write up a special thank you to her. The crab potato Benedict was amazing too! The chef even visited our table to discuss food allergies with one of our guests. It was a great experience!
I was there last weekend for brunch. I had the BIG Cheeseburger with an egg and bacon and potatoes... it was just ok. Nothing great, super messy and wished I had got the crab Benedict instead.
Senior Mickey
Our friends are there now. They texted us about how great it was...they ate there 2x in 4 days. They are in the food business, so if they are raving about it, it's got to be good!
DisNerd Girl
Senior Mickey- what did your friends have when they were there. I just booked and looked at the menu. Just want to eat it all!
Amanda :-)
Hoping to book brunch for the first time this summer. Is the menu open, or is it a specific brunch menu? It seemed limited to me. Although I must be honest, I am mostly looking forward to the mimosa flight lol!
Tattoo Mom
I also booked for the mimosa flights. LOL

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