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Ok this question goes out to all the people who are less brave ride goers. I really want to want to ride the big roller coaster in CA but how bad is it... I only just got brave enough to ride Big Thunder, Splash Mountain, and Matterhorn. Now it seems silly to be afraid of them and I really like them now. But is the drops on the rollercoaster much much bigger then the drop on splash mountain?
Amanda :-)
Ok. The drop in my opinion is bigger than splash mountain. With that being said. My almost 7 year old WILL NOT. Completely REFUSES to get on splash mountain because of the dip.... but went on the incredicoaster 4X!!! I would say the speed of it sticks out to me more than the dips. But the theming of t definitely helps the overall flow of the ride
Fatima N
Priscilla I’m the same way. I never know if it’s gonna be too scary for me so I skip it.
First, Disneyland leaves nothing to chance. All drops on coasters are "controlled drops". On both of the attractions the brakes are on at the top of the drop so you never get going very fast. So if you want to go on Incredicoaster, ride near the front. Because of the length of the car the front is close to the bottom before the brakes are released, so the front doesn't get going fast until you are almost to the bottom. This might help you get thru this ride without much trepidation.
Matterhorn girl
I love incredible coaster always sit in the very front you've got to do it it's not very scary and it's so awesome you got to do the loop and try to put your hands up in the air it's just so much fun just get on it and do it, you going to be so glad you did it's going to be your favorite ride
It’s not that I am scared the roller coaster is not safe.... it’s just I am scared of the drops. But good info I would have thought sitting near the front would be more scary so that’s a good tip
So I was pretty scared of drops on ride but honestly, having rode CA Screaming (same track), the drops for this coaster aren't that scary at all. The front can be scarier sometimes but I loved it.
I think if you can do SM than you can do the coaster. ride the front it's not as rough as the back.. just hold on and brace your feet and you wont bounce so much.. lifes to short to not do it at least once... I rode it in Jan hands up just 1 month after chemo ended.. it felt great on my bald head.. ride it and dont look back
Senior Mickey
I can do SM, TMRR, SM, Matterhorn, etc, but cannot do the inverted coasters.
Thanks guys love hearing your thoughts
I’m afraid of the loop. How bad is that part ?
I thought the loop was fine, it’s over before you realize it. So excited to take my husband on it in two weeks, as he didn’t go with us in a June and hasn’t been on it yet.
i made a stupid promise to my daughter that i would go on every ride atleast once and shes holding me to it soooo yea lol im scared out of my mind
@tink the loop is easy. You don't even feel it. You just feel very secure in the seat and its over before you know it
The worst part is the beginning. Just anticipating the start is crazy!
I think the quick accelerated start is the best part. I’m not fond of loops but it’s not bad at all. I always sit in the front which seems to help my motion sickness a bit. It’s really a great ride that you should try at least once and then decide after that. The ride is smooth and seats are comfortable.
DisNerd Girl
The back of all rides is the fastest and therefore scariest in theory! The incredicoster is an amazing ride and should not be missed- even if you only do it once! The drops and curves are pretty smooth, I would say the Matterhorn is much more jerky than the Incredicoster. As for the loop it is where you are least likely to feel unsafe because the centrifical force keeps you pinned to the seat. It’s super fun and I agree the theming makes it something special.
How would the ride be for those of us prone to motion sickness?
Evil Queen
I always use the motion sick patches and it doesn't bother me but it still makes my husband nauseous
I have rods in my back so I can’t go on rides that go upside down! I love Guardians and I love the roller coasters at Disneyland. But I’ve never been on incredicoaster!
The take off is the worst part and is over in seconds. The coaster is so smoky that you don’t even notice the loop or the hills. Goofy is way more terrifying.
I’m assuming you meant smooth Camby. It is very smooth but never found it smoky. :)
I would try it! I am the exact same way, I refused to get on it with my family. After it was remodeled my parents made me get in the ride.... and I love it now! definitely try it!
Haha!! Yes smooth, not smoky.
My son is 7..... wondering if he would be ok on this ride..... he’s not a huge fan of coasters but I’m trying to get his courage up!
Disney Mom
We just got back from DL/DCA. We rode the coaster so many times. My righter yr old daughter is finally tall enough this trip to ride it. She loves it!

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