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Cut through grand California

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Tami Suggs- Kosciuk
I know we can get in this way. But can we exit this way to go back to paradise pier?
You can enter from DTD or DCA to cut through the hotel to Paradise Pier. You just can't enter the hotel via the front door. I've heard you can enter through the front door after 11am, but when I was there in September was told you couldn't use it at all unless you were staying there or had dining reservations.
the only ones who can enter Disneyland thru gc is guests who are staying there
Yes, you can't enter the park via GC unless you are a guest of the hotel. This came into effect in December last year. From PP you need to walk around which is about a 17-20 minute walk.
We’ve entered California Adventure from the Grand Californian hotel without being a hotel guest, but we were stopped once and told we could only do so after the park had been open for at least two hours. It was to prevent people from trying to avoid the lines at the regular entrance in the morning.
Thanks WISHWALTWASHERE. Good to know. I love going to White Water for a snack in the middle of the day.
Senior Mickey
WishWaltWasHere, last September, we tried to get into California Adventure after a spa treatment. We were staying at DLH. We were told we had to go out through DTD, and then in to CA. I was a bit upset, because it was about 6:30, and we wanted to get in line for our WOC reservations. I'm partially handicapped, so having to go all the way around to the main entrance was a pain. There was no line at all, and we were still told no.
Senior Mickey - That sucks that they made you go around at that time of night. The next time my sister and I enter Calif Adventure through Grand Californian (sometime after Sept of this year due to my limited pass) I'll ask what is the actual policy regarding this. I'll post what I found out.

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