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Not sure how I feel about this

Forums > Disney California Adventure > Not sure how I feel about this
Arayah Teuscher
While I want to trust Disney..I don’t think they should keep reinventing things. I don’t think the coaster should be changed. What do you guys think https://www.facebook.com/DisneylandToday/posts/1729806107091628:0
i wasn't happy they were changing tot but guardians is awesome!!! disney seems to know how to knock things out of the park (so to speak)
You know, this conversation (in different posts) is oddly familiar for when they we re-doing ToT. I do think we should trust, Disney does it right! The title itself ‘screamin’ doesn’t lend itself to a fun Disney attraction. Maybe this one will be even better!
From what I understand it's the same coaster just a different name. Big deal
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I think we all learned from the last year that we can always trust Disney. Looking at that picture makes me extremely nervous and to be honest I don't like the idea at all anymore, but it was the same way with guardians and that turned out awesome!
Last week we talked to a cast member who was working Screamin’, and he said that the ride will pretty much stay the same. A new facelift and new theming, but he did say that the launch system will be changing.
Launch system is what makes that ride amazing! Hopefully still like it is now.
Mickey Bound
Probably will be good. Ride is the same just different branding. Not sure why they thought they needed to do it. Seems like waist of money to me. But if anyone has the money it’s them.
Pixie dust
I totally agree with Disneygal. I was worried about TOT changing to Guardians but it’s my new favorite ride. The changes were fantastic. So yes I’m sad to see Screaming go bit super excited to see what’s in store for it now. Disney never disappoints me
they are only changing the theme to the coaster it will still be the same ride.. its very hard to change a roller coaster once built
From the video, it looks pretty cool! I didn’t ride Screamin’ but I definitely want to ride this new version!
Screamin’s track will stay the same. They are only changing the loading area, seats, and updating the attraction theme. For example in one of the wind/scream tunnels they are adding mrs incredible stretching out trying to grab the jack jack. Looks really cute! https://youtu.be/L7gzPfPpQZM Disney will make sure that it’s great!
It’s gonna be fuu-uun!
Tattoo Mom
Changes are always bound to happen at Disney. They need to keep things fresh and the crowds interested.
Mike Morris
I kind of like it, now it’s Disney themed, before it really wasnt
I wasn't happy about TOT change but after riding it I thought the change was a improvement made the ride more fun. As for changing screaming I am happy because the are adding some "Disney magic" that the ride was lacking before.

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