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Goofy’s Sky School

Forums > Disney California Adventure > Goofy’s Sky School
Are they truly just refurbishing this ride? I heard a rumor that it may be going away! Does anyone have any info? We love this ride, and would hate for it to be taken down!
Senior Mickey
When we were there at the end of September, there was a huge crane hovering over it. We couldn't tell what was going on with it.
Amanda :-)
We will be going in December and it’s the only thing on the refurbishment list for our trip. That’s quiet some time to be under refurbishment. And it does seem to break down often
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Oh no!! That's one of my all time favorite rides at DCA!!! I would hate for it to be taken down.
Everything I have read says that it is being refurbished - thank goodness because it is one of our favorites! No exact date when it will be completed has been posted.
I hope it opens again, my kids love that ride!
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Minnie that's such a relief, I'm really hoping it stays for a long while!
Disney go girl
it is her questionable. It's been under refurb for quite a while. but even with the revamp of the pier it looks like goofy is still part of the plan.
Disney go girl
I found a refurb schedule on the Disney website that looks as though goofy sky school should be back up Dec. 21st
We were there in September and asked a CM. They said it was a full track refurb and it takes a long time.
yes was there there sept 8th and it was down than

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