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So I'm going to the cove bar THE DAY BEFORE MY 21st BIRTHDAY. will they still let me drink or no? or can my mom still buy a drink and I drink it if she buys it or will they question me?
Poisoned Apple
Nope and if they catch your mom giving you a drink, you will be escorted out of the parks. It’s not worth it. Not to mention it is against the law and I would not be willing to take that chance even if it is the day before my child’s birthday. A drink in your hotel room is one thing. Her giving you alcohol in a public bar, lots of legal ramifications.
Both of you would be escorted out of the park and potentially banned from returning. Not really worth it in my opinion.
I bet if you have your eye on a fun drink they can modify it to be virgin for you! If not, they have loads of alcohol free fun drinks too. Enjoy your trip and happy early birthday!!
Thanks guys!! I appreciate your feedback
They do make their drinks virgins if you ask.
Senior Mickey
yes, disneybonnie, they will make virgin drinks. They have some listed, but if you want one of the alcoholic drinks virgin, they will do it.
Poisoned Apple
I think she/he is wanting to try their alcoholic drinks since he/she is turning 21 the next day. LOL I could be wrong but that’s how it reads to me.
Don’t even start; you may never stop

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