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Disney Ca Adventure is a mess

Forums > Disney California Adventure > Disney Ca Adventure is a mess
first year they opened this for the Halloween event and it's unorganized! Been in line for over 40 mins! last year at Disneyland they had a special line for special event. This year it's chaos.
Just to get in the park, taking well over 1 hour. not many trams and the lines to get in are ridiculously slow
That's a bummer to hear, Michelle. Is it like that all day? Does it help with magic morning hours?
Is it when the party starting its crazy? Could be because everyone with regular tickets are kicked out of Disneyland and goes to DCA. We did the party this past Wednesday and didn't go to DCA that night. We noticed Monday that it got really crowded over there come party time, for that reason. Nothing special or a party at DCA on party nights. Tickets are basically a hopper pass if you want to spend the night at DCA with everyone else.
Tattoo Mom
Chipper how were the lines to get in to Disneyland for the party?
We didn't go until about 5 or 530 because our costumes took so long and it was hot, so we waited until it cooled down some.. the lines at that time weren't that long to get in. It was mostly getting through the crowd on main street of everyone leaving because the party was about to start haha

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