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Radiator Springs Racers

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Marlene McVey
Radiator Springs Racers: I went to Disney California Adventure expecting this to be my favorite attraction. After all, Test Track at Epcot, Disney World, is one of my very favorite attractions of all time. I can't really compare the two. I loved Radiator Springs. So picturesque!!! The scenery for Radiator Springs Racers was beautiful, just like driving down a California highway, with mountains, blue skies, white clouds, etc. Loved the tractor tipping!!! Having a race between two cars added to the excitement. Not only was speed involved, but hilly terrain and curves. The speed of the single rider line was well worth splitting up with my husband. We still ended up in the same car the first time. The other people in the car with us moved around so we could sit next to each other. We didn't even ask!!! Radiator Springs Racers was absolutely my favorite DCA ride until . . . . . . . .Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission BREAKOUT!
Mickey Bound
I vote for guardians
I hear you!!! RSR was always my favorite until I went on Guardians.
I can't wait to do guardians on our next trip coming up in 12 days, but Racers are a blast.That's so much fun especially at night!! love it love it.
Mickey Bound
Do night version to
Poisoned Apple
I loved RSR and still do! The theming from beginning to end is top notch. I love cruising through Monument Valley. And I've been through the actual Route 66 back in the day. LOL. I also loved running through Cars Land during The Light Side races in January. All the neon lit and just running. It was awesome!
I always have and always will love RSR. No guardians for me.
Lauren McCarthy
Radiator Springs Racers... Paint or Tires, love both! Soaring, Guardians and Ariel. My top 4 at DCA
Pixie dust
I can't wait to experience guardians.
Rsr for me but then I'm biased. Grew up in northern az in the town that had the teepee motel. I absolutely loved the first cars movie! So every time I go it's like immersing myself in my childhood.

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