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Pixar Pier Changes

Forums > Disney California Adventure > Pixar Pier Changes
I saw something on MiceChat that said disney in early 2018 would re-theme California screaming to an incredibles themed ride after Dash and the empty space in the middle of the coaster by the on-ride photo spot would be utilized. They'd also possibly re-theme everything from Ariel's Grotto around to the Silly Symphony Swings. If that's true, I think I'd welcome the change! I think it'd be a nice touch to the area. Agree? Disagree?
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I loved the theme of silly symphony swings so that's one thing I wish they wouldn't do. Also, if they retheme goofys sky school I would not be happy! The only other thing I would have a gripe with would be removing or changing mickeys face on the fun wheel. Every thing else is fine. I don't think they needed to change it, but I accept it.
I heard the corner by goofy's sky school is safe.... for now.
I would hate to see Mickey's face leave the fun wheel, but the boardwalk games and such could go.
That sounds good to me, changes that aren't drastic are fine. Those are all Disney things and not something that was aquired and being forced to fit in.
Goofy's Sky School will be closed by the time we'll be out there 9/29 and will be opened in December.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Menehune is it being re-skinned or just a refurb?
I am excited about the changes to Paradise Pier and am looking forward to see how Disney incorporates all the Marvel/Pixar themes into the vibe of the overall DCA theme.

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