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Cove Bar Question

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So say I turn 21 the day i go to california adventure to go to the Cove Bar which is the point bc we are getting a hotel and are going to disneyland on a Saturday and California for my birthday on a sunday in November. I heard that even if you turn 21 on your exact birthday and go to the cove bar on that day, they still won't let you get drinks? Is that true?
I'm not sure but I could ask tomorrow. I've never had an issue with an ID at Disneyland when I turned 21 though.
I can't imagine that happening. Everywhere else in the US If it's your birthday you're allowed to consume adult beverages.
Ryan Arevalo
You technically cannot buy alcohol to take home at age 21. I was told this by a few liquor store owners.
I'm a Cali resident and an ex bartender and you can definitely buy alcohol, consume alcoholic beverages and take home alcohol on your 21st birthday. The liquor store owner that Ryan talked to are dead wrong. I took my niece for her 21st birthday to Disneyland and we had drinks at the bar in the Grand Californian Hotel and the bartenders all told her happy birthday and handed her the drinks. She also bought a Red Trolley ale at Pacific Warf.
Oh and she was wearing a sash that said "it's my 21st birthday" so it wasn't like it wasn't obvious either. Have a fun time!!

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