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DCA at night

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Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
So with the disappearance of ToT in DCA, which was such a good ride at night, I thought it would be interesting to ask: what are your favorite DCA rides at night?? There are definitely some rides that are greatly enhanced at night like radiator springs racers, which becomes one of my favorites at night. Soarin' is one of my favorite park closes so it's great for night time. Grizzly River Run is a water ride so there's the wetness and cold factor but it's also beautiful at night. I also think California screaming is great an night, but for some reason don't get around to it at night too often.
Evil Queen
im too scared to ride mickeys fun wheel but its definitely beautiful at night and im sure the views at night from it are great.
We were just there last week. We liked to hit Radiator Springs Racers at night with our fast passes. The way they light up the rock work & waterfall just enhances the ride a bit. And we did the fun wheel just before they shut it down for WOC. The lighting on it makes it a little more fun & it's nice when you're at the top to look down and see how paradise pier is lit up.
I honestly like riding the Golden Zephyr at night. I hate to say it, but during daytime that ride doesn't make sense to me.
Radiator Springs, CA Screaming, and when Guardians gets running I am probably going add that to my list. I saw it lit up on the matterhorn cam at night.
Mickey's fun wheel is great at night and day good view of the park plus since it's not a fast ride the view isn't a quick look like TOT
Senior Mickey
Evil Queen, ride the stationary baskets on MFW. it's a lot less scary, believe me! If I can do it, so can you!
Disney Dave
It is a great view of the park at night as you reach the top of the California Screamin.
Evil Queen
Can't do it senior micky, I can ride any roller coaster in the world but mickeys fun wheel terrifies me!
I am with you Evil Queen, it gives me such anxiety, I will not ride that one, and I can get talked into most anything. lol
Senior Mickey
Evil Queen and Napa Jane, nothing can get me on California Screaming, but the stationary Fun Wheel baskets are easy.

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