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Guardians Ride

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Found this online, not a fan of all the colors either, sure going to miss the Tower Hotel.
ewww! Hating it, way to futuristic looking for California Adventure. This look is more suited for Tomorrowland. I know that the actual ride is the same but you spend more time in the que area than actually on the ride. The que area is all part of the experience.
I guarantee when they retheme Hollywood land to more of a Marvel theme it will fit in just fine. I'm going to miss tower of terror but I'm optimistic they'll do a good job. I'm excited to see what they're going to do to the area.
yes maybe that's it. I don't want a marvel land but this would have fit perfectly in tomorrowland. funny that they finally get the futuristic feel for tomorrowland however it's in the wrong park. ??
William Henry
Anyone know what the ride will be like we're going in June
oh the end of my post was supposed to end with a wink ;)
I've read it will still use the same elevator drop and everything. Just with a different story.
Mickey Bound
Supposed to open may 27
Yikes! This ride has lost all of its personality!
I'm not a Disneyland purist, I think the re-theming of the ride will fit right in after they make all their marvel additions into California Adventures.
Senior Mickey
not a Marvel fan, but will give it a try.
I like it. It's different, very space fantasy esq. I am curious to see the full queue for it when it opens because all we're seeing is the outside. I know Disney is going to do a good job with it. I really am going to miss the Tower of terror theme, but its the same ride so I know it will be a lot of fun. People need to calm down and give it a chance.
All I know is my son is going to LOVE this more than he would have ToT. We didn't do it in FL since he was too young at the time. Excited!
Evil Queen
I love the idea of a haunted hotel and tot was easily one of my top 5 favorite rides (and favorite gift shops) so I was sad when I heard it was changing but I know that Disney will make it great no matter what the theme
I can't wait to ride it! I hope it looks Super Cool at night. :)
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I'm very anxious about this... I know Disney will always do an amazing job, but ToT was one of my top 3 favorite rides. The theming was just so impossibly excellent, even by Disney standards. So far the look is not pleasing to the eye for me, and completely takes away what I loved about ToT. I have to remain optimistic that the theming will still be really good for this ride, though.
It's a recycled ToT.... not cool. The inside is almost still the same and even the ToT sign out front in the same with Guardians on it. Surprised Disney would do something like this.
I like the look couldn't get my grandson on TOT because of the name by he's excited to check out guardians of the galaxy
The ride was AWESOME! I can't wait to ride it again! After I saw Guardians part 2, I told everybody that I Love Groot. After I rode the ride, I told everybody, I Love Rocket! I met with a lady who told me she was upset with HTT going away, but she had a Big Smile. She loved it! :)
Disney always does a good job so I rest assured with that. However, I definitely will miss Tower of Terror. The haunted hotel theme and all was just so...enthralling? Lol I And I agree- Guardians doesn't really fit in with the rest of the park. I heard a theory that suggests Disney California Adventure might be turning into Disney Adventure instead...a broad theme that would allow them to add in lots of new things while maintaining what they have.
Pixie dust
I'm so excited to go on something new. The movie was fantastic so I'm even more excited now to experience it.
This ride is awesome. I was sad to see TOT go but after riding the new ride I'm impressed! Went on opening day at 7am. Worth the wait!!! Want to get on again, twice was not enough haha

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