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California screamin plus size rider

Forums > Disney California Adventure > California screamin plus size rider
I am 5'5 340 lbs majority in stomach how realistic would it be to be able to ride California screamin and the cars racing ride? thank you
RSR shouldn't be a problem, it's a seatbelt and quite roomie
Mom I'm 5'9 and about ur size....the only thing i found on RSR is that in the front seat i sat on the end and my legs were really scrunched. I had to angle them towards the center of the car...not sure if the back is the same. I have never ridden Cali Screamin.....i was hoping to get some info as well. I know its an over the shoulder bar and im afraid my chest and tummy will be too squished.
I bumped a thread in the vacation planning forum for you that talks about this a lot. I was about 260 on my last trip and had no problems with anything. I carry most of it in my chest, so I was concerned about screamin locking in place. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't close to being to big. My guess is you won't have any problems at all. Disney is pretty good about being plus size friendly.
Thanks Cass!
Last October I went on Screamin' and I weighed 270 and 5'7. I fit comfortably and I hold a lot of my weight in my belly and chest. I saw people even larger than I was fit as well.
Evil Queen
my husband was just under 300 when we went and he fit
I have had this app for a cpl years and have never posted until now. You will fit fine. I'm 6' and now just under 390 lbs. (I've lost close to 70 lbs) I had these same questions, being very tall and overweight. But was always scared to ask. Have a great time!!! Btw I can fit on every ride. I only have not tried matter horn for fear of not getting out of that seat at the end! Lol!:)
congratulations on your weight loss chiefseay! i have been trying for years to lose weight with no luck, I have hypothyroidism and had gestational diabetes with my pregnancy. so last year we bought disney annual passes because each time we go we walk around 15 miles according to our pedometer and we go atleast once a week but no luck yet
i havent had any issues with rides and I am a big girl. In fact my husband who is 6 feet 280 pounds went in the dumbo ride with me and my daughter in one elephant! They also have seat belt extenders we thought we would need one but we didnt.
E's Mom
I know this a DCA thread but a CM put 3 full-grown (& then some) passengers into one pod of Haunted Mansion. Oh we looked like a human popover! Another CM stationed right before you go "up the stairs," said, "Are you sure about this?" Egad, Man! Of course not! Just say "No!" I dont care how long the line appears to be! Lol.
That happened to us also on the haunted mansion! it was my hubby and I and our 7 year old, we are bigger and I had to scoot forward.
Four plus size in a row on the submarines.....means no seat for the person after them......the stairs have no window. Ha ha squeeze!!!
Andrea Dahms Foskett
my sister in law is short and good size and she didn't have any problems on any of the rides
i think the key is to not overstress it. just try them all and keep in mind that however big you are, you're hardly the biggest person to ride that ride. if there's a ride you're nervous about I'd look for someone bigger than you ahead of you and see how they do on the ride. if they have no problems, you shouldn't have any either.
Not over-stressing it is fantastic advice Mrs-Hudson!
Erika Cazares-Owens
Matahorn wouldn't be a problem if You're tall and Bigger if you sit in front. My bro in law is 6' and 400lbs..fit ok. I myself am a big girl and I fit ok in the last chair but I have long legs and a bit scrunched but ok. Cars ride is good. Guardians I myself fit juuuuust right with that seal belt...I'm 5'8" and 325. Good luck y'all!

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