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My Man Chester!!

Forums > Disney California Adventure > My Man Chester!!
I had a chance to see the man extraordinaire, Chester last night. This guy can bust rhymes like nobody else in all of Disneyland Resort. I did not think I would see him this trip, but luckily we decided to go on the Monsters Inc ride and Chester was working inside. Best Disney custodian on the planet. He entertained the whole group around us for approximately 10 minutes with his jokes and rhymes. Wonderful man. Hopefully you will have a chance to meet him as well one day. Just listen for his rhymes as you walk down Buena Vista. I would have posted a photo of Chester and me, but apparently I do not have enough clout around here yet.
Evil Queen
I never knew about chester but now I will make sure to keep my ears open for him. thanks for the heads up DTD, I love meeting fun cast members!
Disney Jenn - DIO
I wish someone had a picture of him cause I want to meet him but don't know where to start. I did get a chance to see an awesome sweeper once that "painted" with his broom and water different Disney characters. He was over by the entrance of Bugs Land
E's Mom
DTD, you will be able to post photos after your "rep" points (no. below yr photo) reach 100. Note: you only get to post one photo per new topic. No photos within the thread. Keep posting comments/topics to up your "rep." Looking fwd to it!
Disney Jenn...Chester might embellish a bit on his stories, but to call him "Cheater" is just downright mean ;)
Disney Jenn - DIO
Lol I'll edit my post!!
Disney Jenn - DIO
Chesters picture can be seen in the Carthay Lounge! Thanks DTD (DTD there I fixed his name, dumb autocorrect)
Ha and that is why I can't even see it lol
FabianStephanie Arizmendi
I met Chester yesterday in line for Soarin and saw the custodian that draws the characters yesterday too! Double bonus day!
I met Chester at DCA in November! He's so friendly and it was a real treat getting to interact with him!!
I have a photo. Met him yesterday. Posted a pic and two other couples met him. By far, best man I have met on the face of this earth. He turned our bad experience around. Hit me up for His picture.
Pixie dust
I hope you guys stopped and gave him kudos for being so amazing. When cast members get good reviews from guests it really helps them in their job. I will look for him on our next vacation
I met Chester last Friday. What a gem! He made my day. I had no idea who he was, I just wanted to inquire about what he was using to clean. It was a meant to be! He entertained me for 5 minutes with his amazing rhymes and personality! Wish I had gotten a pic but I will look for him next time. He is a very special man!
We met "Chester the Jester" last April. He was a hoot! Man can that guy rhyme!!! Wow!! Got a little of it on Video, so glad!

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