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DIO Policy Update & Reminder

Forums > DIO Guest Relations > DIO Policy Update & Reminder
It came to our attention this morning that one of the users on the DIO forums has been involved in activities that clearly violate Disneyland Resort and DIO Policy. This user has been banned and removed from DIO. While in this particular instance we have no evidence to indicate that DIO itself was used for personal gain, we would like to remind all members that at no time shall DIO be used to violate or skirt Disneyland Resort Policy in anyway. Any evidence of such activity will result in the immediate expulsion from DIO. The Disneyland Resort implements various policies to ensure the enjoyment of all of their guests, and DIO is a place for Disneyland guests and fans to come together to share their love for Walt Disney’s original theme park in Anaheim. We strive to be a family friendly web site and mobile App, and enjoy the community that has grown up in support of this goal. Thank you, Ryan Owner, Disneyland Inside Out

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