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linking account

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Is there a way to link your acct from your old phone to your new phone? I lost everything when I added this app to my new phone and can't find a way to link my acct from the old phone to this new one.
Mike Morris
I have the same problem
I recently got a new phone. I made sure my password worked on the old phone before I activated the new one, then downloaded the app to the new phone and logged in without any problem.
Diane - DIO Moderator
If you originally registered your DIO account on an Apple device you should have no problem logging in on a new device. If you originally registered your DIO account on an Android device you might not be able to log in on a new device without admin help. Use the “About & Feedback” button on the DIO app for help. Be sure to include your original username in the feedback message.
Mike Morris
I went from android to apple

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