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Unable to log in

Forums > DIO Guest Relations > Unable to log in
Upgraded phone. When I went to log in I went to reset password since I didn't remember old one. I received an email to change password but when I went to log in with temp password and new password app told me I had the wrong current password. Now I'm logged in as null, cannot log out, cannot access my actual account
Diane - DIO
I'm sorry you are having this issue. If you can, tap on the "About & Feedback" tab on the Disneyland Inside Out app using your new device. Tap on the "Submit Feedback" tab. Explain your situation there and include as much information as you can including your DIO screen name and the email address associated with your DIO account. I will also let DIO Admin know about your issue. If you have any problems with sending feedback you can email me at diane@disneylandinsideout.com. I will forward your email to DIO Admin.

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