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Private Messaging on DIO iPhone app

Forums > DIO Guest Relations > Private Messaging on DIO iPhone app
Diane - DIO
DIO members who are using the DIO app on their iPhone can send messages to other members who are also using an iPhone.

If you are using the DIO app on iPhone and would like to send & receive messages from other DIO members post a comment below.

Android messaging on the DIO app is not yet available. (Sorry)

Let's keep this thread neat and tidy. Discussions on this topic should be posted in another thread such as the "I wish DIO had a private message feature!" thread in the Carthay Lounge forum.

To start a conversation with a DIO member:
• tap on the member's avatar (profile photo) to view their profile
• scroll down to "Send Message"
• type your message in the box at the bottom then hit "Send"

To send additional messages to a DIO member or to view messages sent to you:
• tap on the Messages icon on the home screen of the app.

I have noticed that sometimes when I send a message to a DIO member for the first time I get the red alert dot next to Messages icon but there are no new messages waiting for me. Don't worry if this happens.

Have fun!
Diane - DIO
I'm on iPhone. Feel free to message me!
Disney Jenn - DIO
I'm Iphone too! Message me anytime
Just got this app. How do I find friends? Also have an iPhone :)
any word when it will be available for Android?
Pixie dust
I have an IPhone if anyone needs anything I would be glad to message you
Does the private messaging work with the IPad as well?
Diane - DIO
I don't see why it wouldn't. I can view older messages on my iPad and I can tap on DIO member avatars to start a new message. @Mel_dizzle do you want me to send you a test message using my iPad?
That would be awesome! I will have to check when I get home. I'm at work on my android phone. Thank you!!
Diane - DIO
I sent you a couple of messages. I sent both of them through your avatar (profile picture) and that created two threads in Messages (at least on my end). Oops! That doesn't happen if you reply through the existing thread in Messages. To reply to my message tap on Messages on the home screen of the app and reply to the top message only. ;-)
Thank you Diane I will see if I can get it figured out. I appreciate the help!

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