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How do I search the forums

Forums > DIO Guest Relations > How do I search the forums
Angie Stock Landauer
I'd like to read some February trip reports but don't see a search function. Any ideas how I can do that? TiA.
'Ello Poppet
Angie, they don't have a search option. I was looking for one too! The best thing to do is go through all the posts unfortunately. Feb will be a great month to go. The weather is around 70 degrees with a chance of showers. I went at the beginning of February and it rained a half a day on one of our days , it want bad at all since the rides were still operating. They have valentine souvenirs as well as st Patrick's day souvenirs. There will be slot of rides closed in the beginning of 2015 though . You might want to see which ones are closed to see if it's worth going in feb. I think they are cleaning a bunch up for the 60th celebration
Bryant "MegaDisney" - DIO/MPT
Search the subject in Google and add Disneyland Inside Out.
I was just thinking this! Wish there was a search button on here ;o) What a great suggestion Bryant!

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