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DIO Terms of Service

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DIO Admin
Welcome to our Discussion Forums and our Disneyland Resort community! Disneyland Inside Out was founded back in the mid-1990's as a basic website for Disneyland Trip Planning and information for both hard core fans and new Guests alike. At the time, the creator of Disneyland Inside Out was just a high school student! In 2011, we (high school student grew up and got married and had family!) expanded the popular site to include a mobile app, as we believe everyone should be able to access Disneyland information at all times from anywhere! In 2012, we added Discussions, in order to integrate social media and allow users to connect with Disney fans around the globe! We maintain and run this app from our home, and it is driven by our passion for Disney and the family-friendly community it espouses. We hope you enjoy connecting and sharing about the Disneyland Resort from your iPhone or Android. Before you begin your Discussion experience, please review the Guidelines below.

Quick Tips for Use:
- At this time, you can remove your own posts by hitting the "x" in the lower right hand corner. You can also remove any topics you create, which will then remove any and all replies associated with that topic.
- At this time, you cannot edit your posts, only remove them completely (similar to the original Facebook). You may post photos in the forums, but only when you create a new topic, not when you reply to a post.
- To Update your Discussion Profile Page, click the Me & My Settings icon on page 2 of the app. Your profile shows your current reputation (in points), your submitted wait times, and allows you to change your password/username. It also allows you the ability to sync your DIO Login & Username with your Facebook account
- You can increase your reputation and gain points by doing the following: posting new wait times, rating attractions, posting comments in the forums, logging into Facebook, posting DIO wait times or info to Facebook, posting an itinerary, posting a photo, posting new topics, or just plain posting period! You also gain points by rating attractions, posts, and giving thumbs up/thumbs down to comments/ratings. Pretty much if you participate, you earn points!
- To Submit Wait Times: The more wait times we get, the more accurate they are and the better the app is for you! To submit your own wait times in line, go to Attractions portion of the App (front page) and select the attraction. You can also click the "sort" button in the upper right hand corner, and sort attractions by park, land, height restrictions, or (personal favorite) closest to you.

Guidelines for Use: Please do NOT post anything for sale in any of the forums unless you have an explicit agreement with Disneyland Inside Out.
- In order to participate in the Discussions on your iPhone, you must be running Apple iOS 5 (or higher)
- The atmosphere is intended to be a friendly and SUPPORTIVE one. Many using the apps will be out for a fun day, weekend, or week(s) at the Resort trying to escape reality, Please respect that in your posting, and keep it a fun, family-oriented, "vacation like" atmosphere for our community.
- There is absolutely NO profanity permitted, in the form of full words or abbreviations,. Racism, harmful speech, threats, sex references, making fun of others, or harassment will NOT be tolerated and my result in immediate banishment from the Discussion Forums. This is a Disney-oriented, FAMILY community! Please respect that.
- When posting photos in new topics, please do so with quality and an informative quality in mind. Do not just post pictures as "spam" or recklessly.
- We encourage a welcoming attitude to all users of Disneyland Inside Out and our community. Please be friendly, welcome new users, and encourage everyone to take part in discussions. While Disneyland Inside Out was originally started by a high school student, we have long since left that era/mindset and do not want any such "cliques" to take form on our app today. :-)
- Each user of the discussion forums may only have ONE profile - absolutely no multiple identities for the same person! Any suspected duplicate identities may be deleted.
- When using the Discussions, please post in the correct forums for each topic (keep Disneyland to Disneyland Park topics only, etc.) The Carthay Lounge is a place for "catch all" and any non-Disney chit-chat.
- Getting Banned - Disneyland Inside Out Staff can ban you for breaking rules or any misconduct, solely at our own discretion, with no ifs, ands or buts about it, Please respect the family-friendly, positive atmosphere of the community!
- You must be age 13 or older to use the Discussion Forums, or parent-permission is required
- When posting, we LOVE to read breaking news, live post.updates from the Resorts and parks, etc. If you are lucky enough to be in the parks today, please share and update for our community!



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