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dining reservations

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so, we made a couple reservations for our upcoming trip, but we are much more of a "wing it" family when on vacation. my question is how hard will it be to get in at a less popular, sit down restaurant on the fly? we are going during late september, whis is "low season" but also was the beginning of free dining. we dont have a dining plan, so we are pretty flexible, but i dont want to end up eating just burgers and corn dogs each night.
Kristy I've been to WDW twice with a 3rd trip in February. We have also been to DL the last 3 years. The first time my wife and I went in 2000 we didn't make any reservations, but two of us walked into nearly every resturant and ate right away. Fast forward 6 years and with our daughter it became nearly impossible to sit 3 people without a long wait. We are now going with two kids and made a bunch of reservations to get what we want at each park. The nice thing about WDW is there is a lot more variety to the food than DL, even at the counter service restaurants. But most sit down restaurants I would really think about reservations, even if just one meal a day. We like to sit, recharge, and regroup during our meals for next plan of attack per se. We have a few days with two, and few with one, and some with no reservations. Keeps flexible but also on track throughout. hope this helps. Tim
Tim is pretty accurate with his information. Only 2 times this year were we able to walk up. But with that said, I was able to use the app and make reservations that morning for dinner, once we decided where to eat.
thanks guys. we have 2 reservations on our 4 day trip. i think ill keep an eye out for at least 2 more so we have at least one each day. your feedback is much appreciated.

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