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Fantastic dining question

Forums > Dining at Disney > Fantastic dining question
Jasmine A.K.
So every year when we go we end up all eating at the fantastic dining location to get the tickets for seating. Trying to save money this year- will it be fine if we just get the dining for me, my hubby and 3 year old and not my 2 year old? They’ll still let my 2 year old sit in the preferred seating right? Looking for ways to save some $$$ this trip.
Jasmine A.K.
I’m guessing this is okay?
I have never tried this but If you call and ask, I'm sure they will have an answer for you. I would think it would be okay.
Small print from the Blue Bayou reservation page: “Children under the age of three (3) may share from an adult's plate at no charge.” The age for child tickets also starts at age 3. I would assume Fantasmic to be the same, but would call just to be sure.

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