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Places to eat during Halloween party

Forums > Dining at Disney > Places to eat during Halloween party
Fatima N
We do not want to leave the park but we want something that’s worth the money! Any good ideas? There are ten of us!
Poisoned Apple
Plaza Inn is always great and the fried chicken platter feeds me and my son(20yrs old lol) it’s three pieces plus biscuit and sides. French Market is great too. There’s actually not a bad place to eat as the menus are the same so if you have favorite places to eat I’d say just go there. A table might be hard to find for 10 so expect to have it split up since those two places don’t take reservations but you can also call guest services to see about getting reservations at places that take them(Carnation, RiverBelle terrace etc)
We made reservations for carnation cafe. They’re reasonably priced and the food is good!
We love Carnation Cafe. It’s fun to sit on the patio and watch people walking in on Main Street in their costumes. You could do the same at the Plaza Inn.
Fatima N
Thanks guys!!! Maybe I’ll try plaza or carnation?
We ate a River Belle and was able to hear and mostly see the Cadaver Dans go by on the river. Also a fun people watching spot with costumes.

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