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Trader Sam’s...how to get a table.

Forums > Dining at Disney > Trader Sam’s...how to get a table.
Fatima N
Hey guys. I’m heading to trader sams on a Thursday night (11/15). I was wondering how or what is the best way to get a table! I’ve tried twice but the wait times are so long. Also, how is there food? Any suggestions ? Is it worth it ? Or should I just go to the bar in the middle of downtown Disney? I just want to know if it’s worth the experience ?
I’m sure the food is worth it! My dad and I went to the Uva bar in DTD and it was pretty good, but pretty pricey. It was nice to people watch but wondering if it’s the same atmosphere with all the changes?
bump! I would like to know as well!
Evil Queen
it is a great experience, definitely worth doing but it is hard to get a table. the earlier you go the better. we are planning on going the 16th when we get there. if you want to sit inside just expect to have to wait.
Senior Mickey
We rarely go inside for a table, because we like the music outside. Most of the time, we meet a friend that lives in the area for drinks, pupus, and music around 6, and hang until around 9 or 10.
Fatima N
Thanks guys. Do you know how long the wait is typically for a Thursday night ? Or in your experience ?? I’ll try outside if it’s available! Nov can be cold so hopefully it’s not too cold. Any other tips ?
Fatima N
Oh jenni! I’ve been to UVA bar and you’re right. It is a little expensive but it is fun ppl watching. I didn’t think about all the changes that might be happening during that time.
We’ve gotten lucky and waited 5 minutes for a table inside (the people getting ready to leave actually told us they would make sure we got their table!). Other times we’ve waited more than 15 and settled on an outside spot.
Fatima N
Thanks Disney bound!!!
We got lucky too. Just stood around for a few minutes and the table next to us told us they were leaving soon. Score! Food was really good. We got the deep fried green beans and a burger. So so good.
Evil Queen
we stayed at the Disneyland hotel and went right when it opened and got a table right away but it was filled up within 15 minutes

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