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Gluten free character breakfast

Forums > Dining at Disney > Gluten free character breakfast
Disney Mom
I know Disney is amazing with food allergies and intolerances but I was wondering if anyone has first hand experience with Goofys kitchen or other character breakfasts and eating gluten free. I really miss French toast, waffles, etc.
Our granddaughter has gluten sensitivity. We were all at Goofy's Kitchen last month. They made gluten free waffles and pancakes for her, and she was able to get plenty of other items from the buffet.
Disney Mom
Oh that makes me so happy. I wish more places would do that. Not even ihop or breakfast places will do that.
I'm gluten free ,corn free and the Plaza breakfast is great. I have the gluten free waffles they are great.
Disney Mom
Sounds yummy
Senior Mickey
Disney Mom, when you make reservations, let them know about the gluten free. believe me, they roll out the red carpet, making sure you can eat. Disney is the only place I feel really comfortable with my food allergies. They will never put anything near you that you cannot have.
Disney Mom
Thanks. They have always been great with my daughters food allergies too.

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