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Character dining question

Forums > Dining at Disney > Character dining question
I have never done character dining before. Does anyone know how much per person the character dining is at PCH grill for breakfast? Thanks
Evil Queen
I believe it's $39.99 for adults and $16.99 for kids
Mike Morris
It’s $47 for adults 10 and up And $28 for ages 3-9 It is considered Regular Character Dining Goofy’s Kitchen is premium character dining so it’s more 53 and 32 Plus they charge tax and gratuity on top of that. If you go to getawaytoday.com you can pre-buy character dining tickets at a 10% discount and there price includes tax and tip For $37 and $22 for Surfs up And 48 and 28 for goofys
Evil Queen
surfs up is premium now
Mike Morris
Then it would be 53 and 32, or 48 and 28 if you get them at getawaytoday
I just called about goofys dinner. They said 43 for adults plus 18 per cent gratuity and 8 per cent tax. Getaway sounds good if it includes tax and gratuity

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