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Goofy character dinner

Forums > Dining at Disney > Goofy character dinner
Vicky Russell
I chose the goofy character dinner as it didn't have the peanut butter pancakes and now I realize they have peanut butter and jam pizza. My son has a severe allergy. How do they handle allergies?
Evil Queen
tell them about your sons allergies and the chef will come out and take you through showing you what is O.K. for him and what is not. they are very good about making sure you are safe and accommodating every one.
Vicky Russell
Awesome thank u so much
Senior Mickey
Vickey, I have a list of food allergies, and I have never had a problem at Disneyland. They are wonderful. One chef came out and after we talked, she decided to prepare my food separately from everything else. She said she did not want me to be her 1st 911 call. We are going on a 3 night Disney Wonder cruise next month. I emailed my "list" to them on Tuesday. I have already gotten a call from DCL, assuring me I would not have a problem.
Susan Wright
I also had a Chef come out and talk to me about my Allergies. They were Fantastic
Vicky Russell
That is so reassuring to hear :) thank you guys so much

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