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Food & Wine Festival

Forums > Dining at Disney > Food & Wine Festival
I’m trying to understand the food & wine fest...I’ve heard there are tickets to buy but it also looks like you pay for what you want. How does this work? It also seems VERY expensive, is it even worth it?
I haven't been but this is what I understand: you can pay for any of the food items being offered at the kiosks no tickets needed. annual pass holders can purchase a sip and savor pass which is 8 "tickets" to use at any of the booths and you can buy any priced item with those "tickets". you can also pay for certain events/demonstrations but I don't known what events/demonstrations they have.
Yes you have to be an AP holder to get the prepaid tickets its 45 for 8 coupons. if you use your tickets for the more expensive items you can save money and you cant use them for alcohol
When does the festival take place ?
This year it began on March 2nd and continued into April.

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