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Blue Bayou with children

Forums > Dining at Disney > Blue Bayou with children
We are considering a fantasmic package with the Blue Bayou but read it’s kind of cramped and maybe not the best place for younger children. Anyone have experience with kids and dinning there. Our kids are 3 and 7.
I take my 9 year old all the time, if it a option, go for it!
We went a few years ago with a 4 year old. they have a kids menu...though he was picky and did not really eat his food ha! other than that he did fine and didn't have a problem. careful in the men's room though he managed to lock himself in the stall and crawled out underneath haha
Evil Queen
I took my son for his 8th birthday and he loved it however he did not like his roast beef and ended up eating half my lamb
Amanda :-)
I’ve been taking my 6 year old since she was 3 with no issues
We’ve taken my son twice. It is a little bit of a long experience for a 4 year old, but my son handled it great. He didn’t have any issues as an 8 year old.
Food was great, my 4yr girl was fascinated by the place. Last show of Fantasmic had tecnichal problems at 5 min starting and got cancelled. No refund or any way of compensating. 119 dlls for and adult and a child + tip. I was really angry. Only wanted Fantasmic show.
Yes I was worried about booking the fantasmic package because of cancellations but we also want the nice spot to sit during the show. And my husband has been wanting to try the blue bayou.
i have been there several times and i dont think its that cramped
bright tomorrows
We went and they accommodated our whole party. 8 adults 6 children youngest being a year. It was amazing!
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
As long as they don't cry or anything, it's fine. They might not appreciate it as much as the adults though ;)

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