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Dessert at Blue Bayou

Forums > Dining at Disney > Dessert at Blue Bayou
So I made reservations at Blue Bayou to have dessert and drinks on our last day at the park. But then I realized our reservation, at 9pm, is the same time the ride closes. I was really looking forward to watching the boats go by! Is it worth trying to change or will it still be cool? I tried to change it to 8/8:30 but there are no reservations available online so I thought I would call.
Senior Mickey
call. it doesn't mean everyone will be done with the ride. if you are in line, you ride. we went through at 9:20 last year.
Oh that's good to hear! So they must cut off the line at 9 and whoever is in line still goes. So maybe won't be as dull as I pictured
When you call to reserve for desserts do you tell them you just want dessert or just reserve a table in general?

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