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Food allergies/ Anaphylaxis

Forums > Dining at Disney > Food allergies/ Anaphylaxis
Anyone else suffer or has a child that suffers from life threatening food allergies? My son has a list of them and I always feel so terrible when he can't eat in the park or have treats. I've only found one place (Tomorrowland chicken nuggets) that he can eat. Just seeing if anyone else goes through this as well?
if you are eating at a sit down/reservations restaurant, call Disney Dining and explain your son's food allergies. I have to do that, and many times the chefs will come out to speak to me about what they can do to accommodate me. they are very nice about it. one chef prepared my meal separately from others, because, as he said, "We don't want to 911 you!"
Even the walk up restaurants accommodate allergies. DL is the best place to eat for someone with food issues !
In my experience any of the sit down places will for sure cater to your needs. The first question they ask is does anyone have any food allergies they need to be aware of. My hubby has some pretty bad, like he will turn into a big red mess, allergies to dairy and honey. Every restaurant we have gone to the chef comes out and speaks with us and comes up with things he can have. They are amazing at Disney!
Tami Suggs- Kosciuk
What are allergies my husband said he could have wheat tried to order corn chowder he has had that before and they wouldn't bring it out they do really good
Senior Mickey
Here are three of my experiences from last week: Carnation Cafe...chef came out to discuss what my allergies are, what I was ordering, and decided she would pull all of my food straight from the food lockers, so it could not possibly have come in contact with anything that was already in the prep area. she substituted what came with the meal to what I could eat. WOC: We shared our table with another couple, so my dessert package was labeled separately, and my desserts were completely different from everyone else's. My husband and the others were asked not to "share" with me, because I might have a reaction. Afternoon Tea at Steakhouse 55: I ordered the basic package, my husband ordered premium. They went through the menu and determined what I could and couldn't have, explained how they would substitute, and delivered my food on a separate server. When I asked to try a certain tea, they researched the ingredients in it, and decided, no, I could not have it. Disney Dining totally delivered all week for me. Oh, one more: the bartenders at Trader Sam's modified several drinks for me. They went above and beyond.
Very nice to hear. Thanks guys!!
Wow......these stories are WONDERFUL - Disney is SO very accommodating! Good to know for our next trip! Thank you!
It is so great to hear people who have such a great experience and amazing service while eating out. We live in Canada and can't eat out at all due to allergies it's just not worth the risk. The staff here at restaurants just don't care

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