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Dessert package WOC

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Started looking at the dessert package for world of color and considering it? anyone done it before and is it worth the $79? The biggest appeal to us is the fact that you get to sit on a chair and not crammed shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.
It is lovely. My husband was very hesitant about spending that much for desserts but I'm sure we'll end up doing it again. There is a thread in the California Adventure section that I bumped up that has a lot of comment.
is there a menu?
No menu. They bring out a plate for each person with a variety of snacks.
Diane - DIO
Before the Dessert Plate arrives each guest will order a beverage. Choices include:

• Soda, Water or Hot Chocolate
• Glass of Champagne (21+)
• The Wonderful Cooler (Sprite, Lemonade, Blue Liqueur, and Coconut Rum) (21+)

Now the Dessert Plate. The card on the table lists these items on each guests plate:

• Cheese: Brie, Mild Cheddar and Manchego
• Green Seedless Grapes
• Mickey Coconut Macaroon
• Caramel Cheesecake*
• Chocolate Mocha Bundt Cake
• Mini French Macaron
• Raspberry filled Shortbread Cookie**

Not listed on the card but included:

• Bread basket including Parmesan Breadsticks for the table to share

* This replaced the Waffle Bowl with Berries and Lime Yogurt Mousse
** This replaced the Dulce de Leche filled Shortbread Cookie
Diane - DIO
My sisters and I did the Dessert Party in August. We loved it and would do it again. We ate the cheese and bread first. We brought most of the desserts back to our room and snacked on them the next day. And you're right, getting to sit on a chair and not be crammed in with everyone else was so nice. The view was wonderful!
Mickey Bound
Is the waffle bowl new?
Diane - DIO
Mickey Bound, I just looked back at our pictures from our August visit and the Waffle Bowl with Berries and Lime Yogurt Mousse has been replaced by a Caramel Cheesecake. The Dulce de Leche filled Shortbread Cookie has been replaced by a Raspberry filled Shortbread Cookie. I edited my post above.
Mickey Bound
Thank you. I love it and try to do it at least once a year. Just hope they don't eliminate it like fantastmic was.

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