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Vegetarian at Disneyland

Forums > Dining at Disney > Vegetarian at Disneyland
Princess Eilonwy
Any vegetarian recommendations for DL/DTD/DCA?
Princess Eilonwy
I should also mention that I'm dairy-free.
The Vegan Burger at Carnation Cafe, the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich at Cafe Orleans, and the Portobello Mushroom and Rice at Blue Bayou are my daughter's favorites.
Princess Marvel
I wish I would've known how accommodating disney is to food allergies/preferences - my BF is severely allergic to dairy and he barely was able to find anything to eat the whole day but only because we didn't ask. He had some tacos at the Mexican restaurant there and when I told them about his allergy they were AMAZING. If I can ever get him to go with me again I know he will have lots of options. They are very willing to help as long as they know.
Princess Eilonwy...these articles might be of some help for you! http://disneylandnews.com/fact-sheets/2015/04/30/vegetarian-and-vegan-food-options-at-disneyland-resort-fact-sheet/ https://disneyland.disney.go.com/guest-services/special-dietary-requests/
Princess Eilonwy
Thank you, Minnie! I did some digging and I think I've found some really yummy options. I'll have to check out these links as well!
Tami Johnson
If you go to storytellers for breakfast they will fix you a egg white omelette with fresh vegetables and there's tons and tons of really fresh fruit.

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