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Honest answers part 2.

Forums > Carthay Lounge > Honest answers part 2.
'Ello Poppet
Sorry I asked a question but it didn’t get answered . I think because my question was 2 parts . So here’s my question : who here has a Disney CREDIT card and if you dont mind me asking what was your credit score when getting approved for one . Im thinking if getting one but my credit score is only 660
Senior Mickey
We have one. We have the "premium " card, $49/year, to rack up points faster. We use it all the time, pay the bill off at the end of the month in full. We have a near perfect credit score.
Poisoned Apple
Mine is 690 and I was denied and I have two other cards with no balance on them. The only thing you can do is apply to find out. Chase seems to be pretty particular about who they approve.
Senior Mickey
May I suggest you actually call Chase and ask them what their threshold for credit scores is to be approved. That way, you do not actually apply and are denied. Even if they give you a low line of credit, you can work your way up by charging and paying in full at the end of the month.
'Ello Poppet
Good idea senior mickey . Let’s hope I can get an honest answer from chase . I would hate to apply and get denied
Diane - DIO Moderator
I’m going to move this post and the “Honest answers please” post to the Carthay Lounge forum.

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