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Disney Channel

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Ron Munster
Here's an interesting one,does anybody here still watch the Disney Channel? what are your thoughts about the current state of Disney Channel? I for one don't watch it at all... I totally miss the Glory Days of the Disney Channel from when I was a kid. every now and then they will show something cool like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella,but those are too far and few between. I really wish they had a classic Disney Channel as its own separate Channel.
Oh a classic Disney channel would be amazing!
I agree, have 9 year old and he doesn't even watch it. There seems to be a new show starting each week, how can you even get into the characters before something new replaces it.
Ron Munster
lol and all those shows have the same dumb humor...my niece loves them and i dread when i have to sit and watch it with her lol
We're still in the Disney Junior phase luckily. But yes a classic Disney channel would be great.
Oh how I miss watching Disney Junior shows with my son! Why do they need to grow up?? Luckily he enjoys Phineas & Ferb at least!
Disneyland 4-Life
I don't watch it anymore. I miss all the old Disney cartoons that they would show on it. Plus they would show Walt Disney in the park as he would show us. Not sure if you all remember that. But I miss that
Ron Munster
yup i remember that...it felt like walt was your buddy and he was directly talking to you :) good classic stuff
Buzz Light"beer"
Bring back ToonDisney. GoofTroop Chip&Dale TaleSpin etc... those were the days
I second Buzz! Good times...
Oh and duck tales I loved duck tails.
Evil Queen
I heard they are remaking duck tales. not sure if its true or just a rumor
They already have it on Disney x d. They using different animation. I am not a big fan of the new rebot and I loved ducktales when I was a kid.
Yeh not a fan of any of the new animation have you seen what they have done to Mickey Mouse. It's all a lot more aggressive looking. It's the only way I can describe it not so cuddly or friendly anymore. A bit to real and gritty Disney is supposed to be a magical carefree escape from the real world not a reflection of the harsh reality of life.
Senior Mickey
Back when they first launched, I was the first to sign up in my town in Connecticut! It was great then, original programming (Five Mile Creek), original Mickey Mouse Club at night, classic movies. I was reliving my childhood! Now, not so much. I don't feel like they have much for us old timers!

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