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All the little things....

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Little Chef
One of my Favorite things about Disney is the extreme attention to the details. What are some of your favorite little things you've noticed at Disney that we may miss rushing around in all the fun?
I'm always impressed by how clean the parks are. For how many people walk through the turnstiles every day- it's really impressive how clean the grounds are. Along with that- the cast members. When I stop to think about how many cast members I interact with on any given day in the park- I'm always impressed by their attitude and willingness to help guests out. Considering that the majority of cast members are younger- maybe working their first job- their attitude and attention to detail are rather impressive. I spent ten years working at a movie theater where many of my coworkers were working their first job. The work ethics that you see at Disney aren't always second nature- it's a trained quality and something that Disney does really well.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I love how all of the scenery in the parks is so beautiful and tells an intricate story. All the little extra details really pull you in to a new world. I love just exploring New Orleans square at night after all the shows when there's hardly any crowds, and every time seeing something new. The statues, balconies, music, art, even the fences! All come together to form this amazing scenery. And all the artifacts and maps in the jungle cruise queue, the signs telling the story of splash mountain, etc. Indiana Jones has so many amazing details that tell such a vivid story in the queue I can't even describe it! All the windows on Main Street and the little details on the facades, the mini statues around the hub and gardens around the castle, everything. I could go on and on and on, but that would take all day ;)

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