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Walking in Disneyland

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Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
We all know extended stays at Disneyland can make your feet and legs feel unbearably tired and sore. Do you guys have any advise on how to fight pain or soreness?
There are lots of places to relax your feet. We normally grab some popcorn and sit on a bench and people watch. You can also relax in the Golden Horseshoe. The railroad train is also a great place to relax. We normally hop on the train at Main Street and ride it all around the park.
Wear comfortable shoes, use the jets in the hot tub to get a massage, keep feet cool and dry.
Evil Queen
I bring a microwave heating pad if you are not staying on property but unfortunately Disney resort hotels don't have microwaves
We plan a show or parade and a meal a few hours apart to give legs and feet time to rest. This year, we are planning to return to the hotel in time for the kids to swim for 20-30 minutes before the pool closes so the cool water can help relax muscles and help them rest.
Sit down for dining, shows/parades, change your socks, and a soak in the hot tub/bath when you return to your hotel.
At the end of each night at the hotel I do the following. 1. wash my feet off with warm water and soap, massaging the foot a little bit as I wash. 2. put on lots of lotion and new clean socks 3. lay on the bed and put my feet up above the headboard, this helps to get all that blood out of the area and also helps with swelling you may have. My feet always fabulous and ready to go the next day.
Since I started wearing Skechers Go Walk shoes my feet don't get sore anymore, even after 12-14 hours. I bring 2-3 pairs for the week. I love them.
wearing different shoes to relieve the stress on the feet helps me.
Cheshire Rene
I started taking breaks and sitting down for awhile every few hours. It really helps

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