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Has anyone ever retrieved a lost item?

Forums > Carthay Lounge > Has anyone ever retrieved a lost item?
We have found the lost and found to be a wonderful thing. My husband has retrieved 2 baseball caps but here's a very magical story... Two nights ago my granddaughter left her brand new pressed penny album (still in the Disney Parks bag) at our WOC dessert party table. The next day we were able to retrieve from lost and found. When she opened the bag and looked inside there was about 12 pressed pennies inside and we all said "oh no, this isn't yours". Then my husband noticed a note that read "just a few pennies to get your collection started, have a magical day, Lost and Found". We Love Disneyland!!!
This is great! How wonderful to have a vacation hiccup turned into a wonderful memory.
Evil Queen
I love stories like this! Disney really does go above and beyond to make a vacation magical.
I love reading these magical stories also and that's why I had to post this one. Their CS is just outstanding. disneybound...she was so disappointed mainly because her sister just bought her that album not 2 hours before.
So sweet. Gotta love the magic.
Disney magic at its best!
What a great story!
Amanda :-)
So sweet! I have left my Minnie ears on big thunder mountain and they were actually mailed home to me. And one morning I dropped my phone, which had a wallet case attached to it. So it had my ID, AP, cash and debit card. I gave it about 15 minutes then went to see if it was turned in and THANKFULLY it was!
My hat flew off on Thunder Mountain. We ask a CM and they said they walk the track at night and turn things in to lost and found. We filled out the form at lost and found and a week later they mailed it back to our home. Great people
I lost my adidas visor and retrieved it from the lost and found the next day. I showed the CM a picture of me wearing it and he said, "Oh that makes it so much easier to find!" He went to the back and a few seconds later I had my visor. : )
Princess Marvel
My daughter left her very first pair of ears in the pocket on Indiana Jones and they stopped the ride, checked all the pockets and they were nowhere to be found. She was hysterical as they were her first pair and it was her 8th bday & she loved them. We left our info with CS and called for months but they were never found or turned in. She got a new set of ears on our trip last year but was bummed they didn't have the same style as her first hat. We leave for our trip this Friday and she's still hoping to find the style so she can get a replacement for the ears she lost.
DisneyNana......What an AWESOME story! I just LOVE happy and magical endings! Thank you for sharing!
Mike Morris
My son lost a camera one trip and his cell phone on another and both times we got the stuff back within 2 days, both times I reported them missing at City hall, once they called me and the other item we got back by just checking at the lost and found between the parks
A friend of ours’ son was in the park late February and lost his wallet, Disney sent it back to him. Fast forward a month and same friend goes back and loses his wallet AGAIN this time his mom called lost and found and they tell her that they have it and that it looked very familiar.
Senior Mickey
We found someone's credit card in the desk drawer of our room last September at DLH. We ran it right down to the front desk. While we were standing at the desk, they looked up the guest and called him on the spot to let him know his card was found. He had checked out early in the morning, and didn't realize he had left it behind. The CM said they would overnight it to him!
Pixie dust
Wow that is so great. Thank you for sharing that’s what Disneyland is all about
my sister lost her glasses on space mountain during her first trip. a cm found them a few days later, and while we were waiting in city hall for them to be brought up we mentioned how she hadn't been able to see on a lot of the rides, and we got fastpasses for each of the big rides for all four of us! we weren't even expecting to get the glasses back, much less a redo of our first two days in the parks!! whenever people badmouth Disneyland customer service I tell this story, because any other place and just getting the glasses back would have been a miracle!
My partner lost his wallet on a very busy October night last year. It was really dark, there was no way he was gonna find it. We headed for the front of the park. I went outside to Lost and Found. He went to City Hall. They had it at City Hall. Everything was still inside. Our whole vacation could have been ruined. There are good people in this world.
It shows you the kind of people that visit and work at Disneyland.
I know this is an older post but we had a good experience getting a lost item back so I thought I would share in hope that if any of you lose something you will make an attempt to get it back. In Sept I was riding Thunder Mtn. I had my brand new Halloween Minnie ears on and completely forgot to remove them. Guess what suprise suprise they blew off. I went back several times throughout the day to see if anyone turned them in but no luck because the ride was up and running and they couldn't walk the track. When we left the park we went to lost and found and filled out a report. They were very detailed: where on the ride did they fall off, what side of the track, what did the ears look like, was the tag still on, etc. They said at the end of the night cast members walk the tracks or rides looking for items and throughout the parks. We returned to lost and found the next day and they were there. Yay!! Its always worth checking.
My husband lost a ball cap on Big Thunder and it was retrieved. It had a few grease spots on it but we considered ourselves very lucky. I completely forgot about that until I read your story.
Just the opposite. My husband had his cell phone stolen out of the pocket of our sons wheelchair. Never got it back. I know , he shouldn’t have left it but he forgot it was there
Oh Mamaof12...that is so sad. I’m very sorry that happened to you. I have always thought of Disneyland as such a safe place. Apparently there are unscrupulous people everywhere.
Thank you. I’m not sure what they can do with it , but he lost all his pics. The worst part of it

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