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Love this app!!

Forums > Carthay Lounge > Love this app!!
I just wanted to say I love this app. Meeting new people and hearing their stories has made me even more excited for my trip to DL!! Everyone on here has been so friendly and helpful!!
Ditto :)
me too! find myself checking it 5-10 times a day to read all the new posts & comment on a few here & there.
Me too Chance, love the information!
I love it as well! But I find it is not as active as it once was ;( (had it downloaded about 2 years ago for last trip). We need to recruit some more people!
Finding disney
I love it too! I think it may not be as active now because Facebook has so many disney groups now.
Evil Queen
I love it because my family gets sick of me talking about disneyland and I know I can come on here and be surrounded by people who are as Disney crazy as I am...my Disney family lol
Ron Munster
it's a fun app to have on your phone, but for me it's not a must have as much as it used to be like two or three years ago when there was so much more activity on here. Plus it's been teased forever that there were going to be new upgrades but there hasn't been any significant upgrades to the app at all dating back to when I first got hip to the app about 3 years ago. one of the main things I wish you could do is post picture responses on here
Pixie dust
I love this app too. It's fun to share your passion with people that love it too. I love the ideas and hearing about people's adventures
Mickey Bound
I want pictures to but nothing. Also suggested thread for cruises
Yep.....I love this app too! LOTS of information and GREAT stories about everyone's 'magical' adventures!
I completely agree with everyone. I haven't had this APP on my phone for as long as some of you but I have enjoyed it tremendously. I agree with Mickey Bound, they need a thread for cruises. And just like Chance I'm on here all the time reading everyone's comments. It is nice to see how many people love everything Disney.
Evil Queen
its also great to check all the time because no matter how many times you go things are always changing. its so helpful to plan my next trip and be aware of the changes ahead of time so I can plan accordingly.

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