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When you take a Disney trip do you go here also? How many days should we spend there? Haven't been in a while but I saw that the wizarding world has opened. Can it be done in a day or do you usually go for longer? Would rather spend all my time at Disney but hubby disagrees :)
2 trips ago, we did 4 days at Disney & 2 days at universal. We pretty much did everything there in a day but it was kinda nice to go back the 2nd day to watch a couple shows we missed the first day and re-ride our favorite rides.
My last trip I did one day at Universal and 2 at Disney. Universal is fun and worth it. I personally would go for two days but I like Universal a lot. You absolutely can do it all in one, though I agree with Chance about revisiting favorites. Universal has mostly 3d rides and some Disney fans aren't as keen on those types. If you like those rides and movies though, so worth it :)
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I think Universal is one of those parks that is amazing for visiting once. I did it for one day and started at opening, but found I had done everything before the end of the afternoon. It was really cool, but I wouldn't go again, especially when I can have more days at Disney.
Mickey Bound
We do universal 1 day for us. But we do front of the line pass. It costs more but can get all done in a day. Harry Potter only has 3 rides I believe and most of things that look like store ad facade
We are doing 4 days at DL, last day at Universal. Personally I think it's too expensive and not worth it but my husbands one wish on the trip. I get my Disney fandom satisfied, I guess he can have his LOL
Silly Symphony
universal is a 1 day park, I think personally. yes the Harry Potter area is awesome i felt the only thing worth it at Universal, the ride inside Hogwarts castle (Harry Potter and the forbidden journey) is amazing. the rest of the park is ok and alot of stuff I'd do one time.
Amanda :-)
My parents bought my family Universal season passes for Christmas. (They think I need to visit elsewhere lol) as others say it can definitely be done done in a day. I like the fact that they have "cooking stations" set up with fans and misters throughout the park. We live in central California so we usually do our days at Disney then stop at universal for a day on the way home. I will say Universal has hardly anything entertaining to offer for "disabled people" as a pregnant lady, I'm only able to sit in the stationary seats of the shriek 3D ride and go on the tour. Which is a bummer.
We always do 2 days at Universal. We spend a week in LA on our way home
Universal is definitely a one day park for us
It depends when you go. If it is during the busy months there is no way you would get everything done in one day, especially now with the new Harry Potter area.
I got a text from my son yesterday who is at Universal in Florida. It read....Mom, you have got to go to Universal. It's really cool how you can influence things in the park with a wand. Maybe one of these days. I never want to go to Universal in CA because I don't want to fight LA traffic.
Senior Mickey
every year, we say we're going to to one day at Universal. still haven't gotten there, yet. three years ago, we actually got to Knotts Berry Farm.
We did universal for one day each twice in a year. if you live close to the area the California neighbor pass is usually only 10 dollars more than a 1 day ticket. I'm okay with 3d rides but my boyfriend isn't so he didn't do as much. Harry potter is worth seeing but you can do that in one visit and the Simpson's land is fun, also watch the Waterworld show. if you're doing more than 3 days in disney I wouldn't do Universal it sounds too exhausting. I also don't know why a one day ticket costs almost the same as disney...

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