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If you could meet a character NOT currently in the park?

Forums > Carthay Lounge > If you could meet a character NOT currently in the park?
If you could meet any Disney character not currently in the parks or maybe they're only seasonal and you haven't had a chance to meet them yet, who would it be? Or it could a character who isn't in the parks anymore? I know there's a topic on current in park favorites but I thought this would be a fun topic to start.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
I would want to meet jack skellington, sally, or any of the other nightmare characters that are there around Halloween time. I haven't gone during that time in a while and it would be nice to see characters like that :D
Absolute same Disneyland dog. I love NBC. I think Jack and Baymax from Big Hero 6 are the top of my list :)
Disney Dave
I would like to see Davy Crockett once the Rivers of America reopens.
gonna bump this up
Lotso Bear from toy story 3

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