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Happy Birthday Mickey!

Forums > Carthay Lounge > Happy Birthday Mickey!
88 years old today...
Disneyland 4-Life
Happy birthday Mickey Mouse
The Disneyland Lover
Happy birthday Mickey Mouse
The Disneyland Lover
Happy birthday Mickey
Happy Birthday Mickey!!!!
Happy Birthday Mickey. So glad it all started with you.
:) and thank you Walt Disney for your vision. And let's not forget that little mouse in his room which contributed to the making of Mickey Mouse.
Senior Mickey
if anyone is a teacher, have your students do a Mickey Mouse Birthday writing assignment. my 6th graders would make cards and hand written notes for Mickey. a few weeks later, we'd get a little gift back...a nice bookmark or something similar for each student. the kids looked forward to it every year.....until I was told it was an unacceptable project.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Wow that's awesome Senior Micky!! Why would they say it was an unacceptable project? :(
Senior Mickey
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69, if it's not on the "test" you can't do it! I had to retire one year early...I just could not take the drill, drill, drill anymore. Wasn't my teaching style. I was hands on, explore, explore, explore. And as a Disney nut, I had some pretty cool projects.
Kids don't learn the way they want them to. Learning should be fun like you made it Senior Mickey. That's how I remember school, not how it is now. My kidnergarten girl has homework every night plus reading, what is fun about learning all day and then more work at night. When are kids supposed to be kids and have good family time.
actually my daughter just finished kindergarten and as soon as she got home she did her homework before she did anything else and she read, kids at this age are sponges they just want to learn. Hopefully she has this attitude all the way through school.

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