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Finding disney
I am going to disneyland with my family in September and I am wondering about the security. With all these scary things going on in the world I hope they stepped up security. Does everyone go through a medal detector? And how many people do they pull a side to search? I am really scared and want my family and everyone else safe.
Disney has stepped up security at their parks. Metal detectors are by Monorail station entrance in Downtown Disney and everyone going on had to go through them. They check all bags at all entrances before going in and nothing gun shapped is allowed, not even toy guns. Security cameras are everywhere too. The world is scary but Disney is on alert too. Just focus on having fun on your trip. Everyone deserves to be safe and have a magical vacation.
I agree Hendrix my family is scared to,but Disneyland is a place to have fun and feel safe not a place to feel unsafe.They have many things and ways at Disneyland to make sure every guest is safe.
Finding disney
Thank you
Disney is great for security. As posted above there are metal detectors and bags are searched for everyone as you go in.. The last time I was there a few bags had been left in different areas and so without causing any panic people were diverted and cast members stood around the bag with their backs facing it so they could still talk and direct people away. It looked like they were drills and was cool to see but security is a huge thing at Disneyland. You have nothing to worry about!
Mickey Bound
Anytime you leave your house something could happen. Disneyland is one of the more secure places. We all have to be aware and careful but can't stop doing stuff because of being scared. We live in a very different world since 9/11
I was really worried before our trip but my friend made a good point that Disneyland isn't an everyday activity and the main way terrorists invoke fear is to target things not easily avoided and ARE everyday activities.
Finding disney
I am just scared but also know that Disney will do whatever they can to keep their visitors safe.
I understand your concerns. After the Orlando shooting I got worried about our upcoming trip. We can't live in fear and Disney has tons of security & security measures in place. On our last trip in December, I ended up going through the metal detector more than once. We went through security numerous times because we had a multiple day trip. I'm grateful the security is there, and it's a good idea to get to the parks early.
Laura Gabler
I went last week and again this week and have to say security is ramped up. I don't mind, think it is good they are being on top of things. In March I was randomly selected for metal detector. Last week it looked like 60/70% of people were being sent through and then on Tuesday they had the lines out of baggage checking blocked so that everyone had to go through and even had dogs walking through the crowds. Makes me feel better.
Little Chef
they also have undercover security walking throughout the parks looking like regular guests. I always feel extremely safe at Disneyland
Senior Mickey
we were there the week immediately before Las Vegas, staying at DLH. Security was tight. We even saw the Disney Sniffer Dogs working the checkpoints entering DTD from our hotel. As we are military, we were impressed with the level of security we observed. The only thing we didn't like was we had to unpack things we bought at Mandara Spa...break the seals on all the packaging, until the actual items in the boxes were out. Then, my husband told the security guard he didn't want the packaging anymore (after we had to break the seals, we couldn't give it as a gift as it was supposed to be), so the guard tells him to leave it all next to the wall, which he did, as there was no trash can going from GCH to DTD. Another guard then comes at him, demanding to know why he put the stuff there, and what did he think he was doing. That was really uncomfortable.

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