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Steakhouse 55 or Storyteller Cafe

Forums > Carthay Lounge > Steakhouse 55 or Storyteller Cafe
Trying to decide where to go between these two. I'll have the chicken at both, my husband will have steak. How strictly is the age 9 for kids meals enforced? My kids are 10 and 12 but light eaters.
Pixie dust
Steakhouse 55 is wonderful we absolutely love it. I've never been to storyteller cafe
'Ello Poppet
I've been to story tellers and they are great with kids . They have their own light up cups , a variety of food , fresh scooped ice cream and pizza too. All the workers smile at the kids when the kids ask for more drinks or ice cream . It was a good experience . We had a 8 year old , 11 year old and 9 month old . If your kids are light eaters the buffet works they can eat a little at a time if they prefer
Thanks Ello Poppet, Storytellers it is.
Saw this from last year. We did go to Storyteller. It was nice, food was good. Glad we tried it. This year our new restaurant is Cafe Orleans. All these years we've never taken the time to try these places.
Senior Mickey
if it's kids, Storytellers. if it's adults, Steakhouse 55.
You can take your kids to any Disney restaurant that how Disney works. We have taken our daughter to Steakhouse 55, Napa Rose, Carthay Circle, Storyteller Cafe, etc... the service there is great, we have never had a bad experience. My daughter has a lot of fun at the restaurants especially if it she gets to dress up, but her favorites are Cathay Circle, Blue Bayou, and Napa Rose.

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