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Disney Secrets

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Disney Jenn - DIO
This is a forum for us to add all those little secrets that we find out about Disney parks, Walt himself or Disney movie.

I will go through the forums and pull from the secrets threads that already exist. I know there is one from a very, very long time ago that is super long but I can't find it so if anyone can find it, bump it!!

Disney Jenn - DIO
The following are a list of secrets posted by members in existing threads.

• The tapping you hear at the NOS train station is actually Walt’s opening day speech in Continental Code (often times mistaken for Morse Code)
• Disney recycles an estimated 60,000 gallons of cooking oil each year and turns it into biofuel that they then use to power the trains and the Mark Twain.
• The CM cafeteria is located in New Orleans Square
• Walt Disney World has a series of underground tunnels called utilidors. It is a common mistake for people to think Disneyland has them as well but Disneyland only has one small underground utilidor in Tomorrowland.
• There is a hidden Goofy in Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.
• At one time the statue of Mr. Toad outside the ride had his arm extended up and forward. His fingers were positioned so that people could, and would, place a cigarette in them to give the effect of Mr. Toad smoking. The arm was eventually repositioned behind Toad’s back but if you look closely you can still see his fingers in a “smoking” position.
Disney Jenn - DIO
• All the plants in Tomorrowland are either edible or harvestable.
• The Matterhorn has a half basketball court in the top. Back when CM’s would climb to the top as part of a show, they used the court during breaks.
• In the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride, there are three moose heads hanging in the back of one of the rooms as a tribute to Country Bear’s Jamboree which used to stand in that place.
• You used to be able to fish off of Tom Sawyer’s Island. They stopped this because people were leaving fish in the lockers.
• Cm’s have/had canoe races before the park opened in the mornings.
• The pet cemetery behind the Haunted Mansion was the original grave yard. Later, the people cemetery was added to the front of the mansion.
• Walt originally wanted the Haunted Mansion to be a walk through “Museum of the weird” type attraction similar to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. He later changed his mind when trying to figure out how to move people through more quickly.
Disney Jenn - DIO
• The Haunted Mansion’s pet cemetery has recently been moved to the front of the queue.
• There is a story that goes along with the Haunted Mansion ride about a boy falling through an open attic window (if anyone can find this story please post!)
• At one time the Haunted Mansion passed out “death certificates” as your exited the ride. These were discontinued when parents began to complain that it was morbid to give these to children. (they can now be found and made online)
• Disneyland was built using forced perspective to make everything seem larger than it really is. As you walk down Main Street towards the castle, this effect tricks your eye into thinking the castle is further away and larger than it is. The opposite is true when leaving. Forced perspective makes the entrance seem closer for those tired, sore feet.
Main street does have vents at street level that blow scents of whatever your passing by onto the street. It was actually one of Walt's ideas. Main street does have scents pumped into the street from the Candy Palace. In the summer, you can smell vanilla and in the winter, peppermint. Walt wanted peppermint coming out at Christmas time.
Here is a link to a HM story line. https://www.wdwhints.com/2012/07/a-storyline-behind-the-haunted-mansion/
Disney Jenn - DIO
Thanks grandmadizny!!
Disney Jenn - DIO
Disneyland “employs” feral cats to keep the rodent population at bay. Disney spay and neuters these cats and gives them places to stay, kitty condos and food to eat. In return the kitties hunt for mice and rats. If you look hard enough you can see some of these cats. Many will go back to their sleeping enclosures during the day while others hang out for some attention.
• The is an echo spot in front of Innoventions. If you and a friend stand on the circles and talk, you will hear and echo. Strangely, if you are outside of those circles, you don’t hear an echo at all, just weird people talking to each other on circles.
• When Pirates first opens, fake skeletons didn’t look very good. Walt worked with a local medical school to get real human skeletons. As time went on, fake skeletons became better quality and were eventually replaced all the skeletons on the ride. There is one remaining REAL human set of bones. It is the skull and cross bones on the headboard in the treasure room.
• There is a hidden pirate ship located in NOS. Standing in front of the Pirates entrance, look back toward Club 33, you will see the mast in the distance.
• If you rub the golden apple in the queue for Snow White’s Scary Journey you can hear the witch cackle.
• There is a secret candy flavor called salty walty.
Disney Jenn - DIO
The Tiki room is the only attraction with its own restrooms. It was originally envisioned as a dinner theater type attraction but Walt was afraid people would come in to eat and wouldn't want to leave because of the great show. The large item in the center of the room (where the water spout comes out) is where the silver wear, napkins, etc. were supposed to be kept. The floor is linoleum. That's also left over from the restaurant idea.
• There are only 3 places you can get a Dole Whip, a fantastic snack sold in front of the Tiki room. Those places are Disneyland, Disney World and the Dole Plantation in Hawaii
• There is a wall near the Main Street lockers with a water fountain on it that is red brick. It is all weird brick shapes and textures on one side and the other is normal to the park. This was the test wall to choose bricks for the park and they just never fixed it!
• Steve Martin worked at the magic shop on Main St USA and as a skipper on the Jungle Cruise.
• Kevin Costner was once a skipper on the Jungle Cruise.
• The two actresses who provided the voices for Cinderella's stepmother and fairy godmother came out in a couple of I Love Lucy episodes. The godmother was a not so nice housekeeper that Lucy hired!
What exactly is a salty walty candy and where do you buy them?
Disney Jenn - DIO
I'm not sure, this secret was contributed by another user. I'll see if I can find who did and see if we can get more info
Thank you Disney Jenn. :)
There is a "hidden Goofy" on Pirates in Disneyland. It's in the rock formation on the ceiling past the skeleton with the magnifying glass. If you think you see it, turn around and there is a light where his eye is.
doritos were invented in disneyland
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
When they were first making haunted mansion, a story that they were planning involved a sea captain from pirates of the Caribbean and his bride. That is why there is a ship weathervane on the top of the mansion
Dave Cramer
Disney Jenn- I just wanted to make a correction about Steve Martin. There have actually been 2 magic shops in Disneyland. The current one on Main Street (Houdini's Magic Shop) and Merlin's Magic Shop in Fantasyland. Merlin's is where Steve actually worked. He is listed on the internet as working at the Main Street Magic shop, but the D23 site lists it as Merlin's and I consider that site to be more credible. Also I have heard that Steve working as a Jungle Cruise skipper is just a rumor. I believe it might possibly have been started because in 'Disneyland: The first magical 50 years' he appears as a Skipper in it (present day). I have read in the internet on some sites that he was never a JC Skipper so I'm not really sure. Does anyone have proof? Does his autobiography have anything about it?
I Heart Disney
These are some cool facts
I have been in somethi g that resembled tunnels in Dianeyland when my choir sang they took us down in what felt like we were underground to get us from on side to the next
Disney Dave
The organ in the Haunted Mansion dining hall is from the movie, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

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