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How are the rooms at the Tropicana?? We plan on staying there in June.
Arayah Teuscher
Good comfortable and never had any issues. Have stayed multiple times. Love how close it is
I have stayed there a couple times. Great location, clean rooms, and large washers in laundry room. It’s my favorite property within walking distance, and I have stayed at many, including the Candy Cane Inn. I think it’s the best bang for your buck. There is no free breakfast or free parking at the Tropicana, but we do not get a car and prefer Uber when on vacation. Besides, when is the last time you had a “free breakfast “ that was worth eating? I will add that my new favorite hotel in the area is the Peacock Suites about a mile away. It’s not walking distance when you are tired, but it is really a great place to stay and I have been able to get a suite there for super cheap.

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