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Travelodge Anaheim Convention Center

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Little Chef
I'll be staying at the Travelodge on S. Harbor Blvd and believe it is walking distance to the parks. Does anyone know how safe it is to walk, I'm remembering it being fine but it's been several years for me. If anyone knows the best walking directions to the parks from there, that would be greatly appreciated. Also other the the main entrance and the California Grand entrance are there any other general park entrances?
Maggie Gillies
There is the two park entrances one is the main gate and one is through downtown Disney I always just use the main gate cuz it's always by my hotels not sure which one is closest for ya
Disney go girl
you can either walk straight down harbour. It's very safe and about 20min. or you could walk 6 mi to the toy story parking lot and take their free bus right into the park.
Little Chef
thanks guys, I actually ended up using the ART buss which stopped right in front of the travelodge. it wasn't free but was very inexpensive and convinant. It worked out great for me
How was the hotel?
Amanda :-)
People also walk to the toy story parking lot and hop on the buses from their. Michele it’s absolutely nothing special. While I personally haven’t had issues, I’ve had a lot of friends be very unhappy with their rooms there. As far as cleanliness and room temp goes.
Little Chef
Michele sorry for the late reply. it was fine. clean and safe but I agree nothing special. however I was truly just sleeping there. I spent all my time at Disney

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