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Castle Inn & Suites

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I'am going to Disneyland in October for a week and December in a week and I was just there three times this year already I love the castle and does anybody else love the castle in as much as I do,with their nice big rooms you can get a bucket of ice you have a store with everything that you could want in there and it's a ten-minute walk to the main entrance how many other people out there like the castle in if you're going to go to Disneyland you might as well stay at hotel that looks like a castle right nice comfy big beds nice rooms everything's clean and neat loved it.
I'm glad to hear that about the Castle Inn. I will be staying there in October as well. I picked it because I loved the castle theme.
Disneygirl12 12 I love the Castle Inn also. I stay there ever time I go. It's not a real fancy hotel but it's nice it's clean it's big it's roomy the beds are comfortable and you have ice machine for your beverages. lots of great memories going to the castle in for our vacation.
Wicked one I also enjoy the Castle in and Suites. Staying the in November .Cute Hotel
We moved here last night from disneyland hotel. I will say it's super spacious our only issue was when I went to go to bed, I was hit with an overwhelming smell of urine and thought one of my kids had wet the bed. i guess homeless pee behind the building ??
Matterhorn girl
That's funny I've stayed there for the past 20 years and I've never one-time smell urine in any of the rooms that I've stayed in. This is my favorite Hotel I stay here almost every time I go to Disneyland. I've stayed at the Grand California four to five times Disneyland hotel ,Paradise Pier I like this one just as much. The lighting is better you can see to put your makeup on LOL.

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