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Sheraton Garden Grove not good

Forums > Area Hotels > Sheraton Garden Grove not good
First this is not a 4 star hotel as they claim I wouldn't even give it 3. The room smelled like floor pet cleaner probably to cover up the urine smell since they allow pets which we didn't know about. My wife had to go get allergy medicine while we were there do to the smell. Also the beds and pillows were by far the worst we've ever slept on and we've stayed at a lot of hotels/motels in Anaheim. I wouldn't recommend this place
Thanks for sharing your review of this property. It helps others when deciding where to stay. Sorry your time was "less than magical". But that just means you need to go back to erase that crappy time.
Don't worry we still had a good time at the parks... not so much at the hotel.
This is such a surprise. Sheraton is a good name and you'd think it'd be perfect. Thanks for the review.
Well this is Sheraton Garden Grove a little farther down Harbor not the Sheraton closer to Disneyland just to clarify. There's two of them

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